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Name: FastGal
Home: Hartford, CT
Age: 34
Occupation: Systems analyst
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Education: B.A. in psych
Annual Income: $50,000
Debt: $0
Cash: $2,500
Operating Margin: 8.1%
Profit Margin: 1.7%
Price to Earnings: 154.5
Annual Return
vs. S&P 500:
+ 1.2%
Favorite Stocks: HDI, NOK
Investment Style: Aggressive Growth
Note: The life valuation graph is created based on data provided by the individual. It is a graphical representation of their financial well being. The more data the individual provides, the more accurate the graph.
Return on Investment 20%
Relative Strength 44
Sep 97: Defaulted on loan
Jan 98: Sold Harley stock for 455% profit
Sep 99: Paid off credit card debt
Apr 00: Laid off
Jun 01: Rejected for mortgage application
"Hi.. I'm FastGal. If you're looking for Martha Stewart, try somewhere else. My motto is live life to the fullest. I love the stock martket and I love bikes. My friends tell me I live the wild life but I think they're just jealous. ;)
Too risky for me
I had a nice date with FastGal, but we just didn't mesh very well. I have concerns about her spending habits and investing approach.
sweet girl, but not what I was looking for
I miss you, FastGal
FastGal and I dated for six months, and I really liked her. Don't be fooled by the leather and motorcycle in the photo---she's a warm, caring person. If I hadn't had some other personal things going on in my life, I think we'd still be together...best of luck.
We like Fastgal's achievement of becoming debt-free two years ago, but we still have concerns about her credit history, specifically her recent failure to acquire a mortgage. Her aggressive style could pay off in the short term, but it could also lead to ruin. If you like taking a risk on a flier, though, FastGal could be right for you.


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