Investing for Your Kids

Educating Your Kids about Investing

Investing for Your Kids

No matter which vehicle you choose, and no matter what you choose to put in that vehicle, you can educate your children about investing. You'll then not only be building up a war chest for them; you'll be giving them tools for long-term financial success that will prove invaluable.

What you can teach them depends, of course, very much on their age. Simply telling a young child that there is an account somewhere, and that it's getting bigger, will register with them. Sure they may ask to take it out today -- now, because I want a piece of bubble gum! -- but, with your advanced parenting skills, you should have no trouble fending off that parry.

The point is that implanting that way of thinking, early on, is a very good idea. It will be an idea to which they will be able to return again and again, at different levels of maturity. It should help to instill the kind of investing habits -- for the long term -- that you'd like to see them have.

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