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UPDATED 9/17/01: We've collected a list of links to the websites of service and news organizations that are helping out in the wake of Tuesday's terrorist attacks. Check it out to learn more about what's happening, how to help in the relief efforts, how to talk to children, and other topics.

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By Motley Fool Staff
September 12, 2001

Note: This item has been updated as of September 17. Thanks to all the Fools who sent in or suggested additional links to add to this feature.

The Internet has long proven to be a treasure trove of information, and that remains as true as ever even during these devastating and disruptive days. We've collected a number of articles and resources that might be useful as we all try to learn more about, make sense of, and even help in the aftermath of what happened on September 11. Note that many of these sites and pages offer not only articles and photos, but also audio and video coverage.

If you stumble across any other article worth sharing with others -- or just want to talk -- we invite you to do so on our Current Events discussion board. (If you email a link to our news list, we may add it to this article.) 

Links added Sept. 17:

  • A list of World Trade Center survivors is available online and regularly updated (may require free registration).
  • The CoStar Group has a good repository of information on the towers and their tenants.
  • Fool community member TDMENEUF has posted a good list of New York contact numbers and websites.
  • Guestbooks where individuals can post their condolences have been popping up online, including on The Motley Fool's discussion boards.
  • A relief fund has been established to aid the families of fallen fire fighters. (Scroll down and to the right.) The International Police Association, meanwhile, is among the groups undertaking a similar effort for police officers. Still another fund has been set up by the United Jewish Communities.

Donate blood or money to relief organizations:

Learn more about the week's news:

How to talk to your children about what has happened:

  • WomenCentral has posted an article on how to help children deal with the news.
  • New York City's ABC affiliate has done the same. Its article featured another link to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. 

Coping yourself:

  • Tips from the Red Cross and the American Psychiatric Association are available if you scroll down through a USA Today article on mental health.


Business-related thoughts:

  • "Beyond the awful carnage they wrought, Tuesday's terrorist attacks struck at the very heart of the American economy, threatening the open, connected, computerized order that's widely credited with having delivered the longest prosperity in U.S. history." -- LA Times' Peter Gosselin
  • "The nation's small investors, already reeling from steep losses in the 18-month-long stock bear market, face a major new test of their resolve in the wake of Tuesday's terrorist attacks." -- LA Times' Walter Hamilton and Kathy Kristof
  • "The property loss is expected to throw New York's real estate market into turmoil as countless businesses scramble to find temporary quarters or, in some cases, relocate outside the city permanently, brokers said." -- LA Times' Jesus Sanchez
  • "The destruction of the World Trade Center in New York on Tuesday effectively paralyzed the U.S. financial system but on Wednesday the rest of the global capitalist system fought huge headaches and carried on." -- Reuters' John Speck
  • "The attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon are expected to be the most costly, man-made catastrophe in U.S. history and the insurance industry will struggle to absorb billions in expected losses, experts said Tuesday." --'s Kristen Gerencher and Mike Tarsala

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