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Motley Fool QuickNews

April 9, 2001

Closing Market Numbers

DJIA               9845.15    +54.06     +0.55%
Nasdaq             1745.71    +25.35     +1.47%
S&P 500            1137.59     +9.16     +0.81%
Russell 2000        441.67     +7.01     +1.61%
30-Year Bond       98 5/32    -17/32   5.50 Yield

FOOL 50           1,381.94     +4.51     +0.33%

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Inside Today's QuickNews

  1. Roundup: Foolish takes on Motorola, Amazon, electric utilities, and more.
  2. Today's Market Movers: Top news and active stocks.
  3. Editors' Pick: One great feature you shouldn't miss.

FOOL ON THE HILL An Investment Opinion
Intel and the Historical Valuation Issue
By Brian Graney (TMF Panic)

Trying to buy a stock when it is statistically cheap based on historical valuation gauges is good advice. As money manager Bill Miller points out in a recent article, however, cash flows matter, too. This is worth keeping in mind when looking at Intel and other chip stocks at the bottom of the cycle. Based on the firm's past and future cash-flow-generating ability, its stock may never reach past valuation troughs.

The Importance of Being Broadband
By Jeff Fischer (TMF Jeff)

Last week's column on broadband Internet sparked great discussion and debate (with most of the debate aimed at the author). Today is round two -- clarifying why broadband is important to the Internet and will be used by almost all of us eventually. That said, this doesn't mean that broadband companies will prove to be good investments. We don't know yet.

Motorola, Lucent Fight Financing Rumors
By Chris Rugaber (TMF Chris)

Both Motorola and Lucent suffered last week as a result of reports that the companies faced serious short-term financing challenges. While the two are very different companies, investors may benefit from considering what the two have in common, including several factors that sparked last week's events. The fact that both Motorola and Lucent were subject to this speculation was not a random coincidence.

FOOL PLATE SPECIAL An Investment Opinion
PG&E Unit Bankruptcy Ripples
By Tom Jacobs (TMF Tom9)

Despite frantic negotiations, PG&E's Pacific Gas & Electric unit filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy Friday, caught between heavy debt and impossible prices for the wholesale power it buys. Eyes turned to Edison International, whose Southern California Edison unit is in the same bind, and Calpine Corp., which hasn't yet taken a charge for any part of its $267 million in Pacific Gas & Electric accounts receivable.

Amazon's Good News
By Mike Trigg (TMF Tonto)

Amazon this morning said first-quarter results would be above expectations, citing strong sales of electronics. Today's news was only a pre-announcement, though the company did reaffirm guidance and still expects a pro forma profit by the fourth quarter.

Compuware Sees Revenue Shortfall
By Dave Marino-Nachison (TMF Braden)

Business software and services company Compuware said after the market's close on Friday that it expects fiscal fourth-quarter (ended March 31) revenues of between $505 million and $515 million.

Today's Market Movers


Shares of biotechnology equipment maker Applied Biosystems (NYSE: ABI) moved up $1.78 to $28.50 on news of a favorable ruling in a patent infringement case against Amersham Pharmacia Biotech. The judge had ruled in January in favor of Amersham's parent, Nycomed Amersham (NYSE: NYE), but has now determined that Applied Biosystems has not infringed the Amersham/Nycomed patent after all. The patent at issue concerns dye techniques used in Applied Biosystems' DNA analyzers.

Optical networking equipment maker Corvis (Nasdaq: CORV), one of the "Tricks" in our Halloween feature last year, rose $0.87 to $6.90 today on news that newsletter publisher George Gilder added the company to his list of companies that stand to benefit from increasing Internet traffic.

Content management software company Interwoven (Nasdaq: IWOV) knitted up gains of $1.01 to $7.98 following the announcement that UK-based broadcaster Channel 4 Television is using its software to manage content for its two main websites.

Oil company Triton Energy (NYSE: OIL) gushed for a gain of $2.22 to $22.70 after it said recently drilled wells in an oil field off the shore of Equatorial Guinea reveal "a new, deeper oil pool and increased estimated field reserves."


Electronics retailer Radio Shack (NYSE: RSH) fell $1.30 to $27 as several brokerages added to Friday's fall with downgrades and reduced earnings forecasts. The company Friday lowered its first-quarter and full-year financial guidance because of profit constraints. March same-store sales rose 14%.

Computer networking equipment maker Sun Microsystems (Nasdaq: SUNW) lost $1.10 to $13.04 today. Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, reported, reiterated its "neutral" rating on the shares and said the stock may be falling because of concerns that its new UltraSPARC III chip has technical glitches.

Broadcasting company Sinclair Broadcast Group (Nasdaq: SBGI) tuned out $0.51 to $5.74 today. The company said it expects Q1 net broadcast revenue to "slightly exceed" previous guidance of $148 million, also reaffirming full-year guidance and saying it expects to close on a refinancing of a new bank credit facility within 30 days. Full results are due April 26.

Editors' Pick: One Great Feature You Shouldn't Miss

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