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Money's flowing back into the market. And investor bullishness is creeping higher, reports the American Association of Individual Investors. The "return of retail investors argues for caution," suggests The Wall Street Journal.

Following the crowd WILL NOT get you rich! That's precisely why Motley Fool Co-founders David and Tom Gardner recently rounded up a team of the nation's top equity analysts and went to work indentifying those stocks that will continue to rise even after the euphoria subsides...

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After exhaustive research and number-crunching, The Motley Fool's top stock-pickers emerged with 11 stocks that will uniquely position you for profits in 2011, including...

Stocks 2011
  • A consumer goods company many are calling the Nike of China. It's conquered Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, and now has its sights set on launching higher-end brands in Tier 1 cities. If it can replicate its past success, it has the potential to "become the largest national brand in China."
  • An up-and-coming asset manager that has grown assets under management a mind-boggling 57% per year since 2004. It's out of favor on Wall Street, but when the sentiment turns, investors in this company stand to cash in on this tidal wave.

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