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Tom Gardner's Top Oil Play

The three companies you just read about are all great picks that would make solid additions to your portfolio.

Now we'd like to share with you one more company. It's a company Motley Fool Co-founder and CEO Tom Gardner recommended to subscribers of our Motley Fool Stock Advisor newsletter.

The company isn't an oil producer like BP, and it's not a driller like Transocean.

Instead, after hundreds of mergers spanning more than 100 years, it's the largest equipment maker and distributor to the energy industry.

In fact, it sells and services just about any and every product for oil and natural gas drilling -- complex deepwater drilling rigs, small spare parts, and everything in between.

"No other vendor"

That's how workers in the field describe this company. This dominance is also why Tom Gardner likes this company. He also likes that its size gives it advantages of scale.

And, as with the other three companies you just read about, higher oil prices will bring more drilling, which will flow through as demand for this company's goods and services.

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