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As I mentioned earlier, my name is Andy Cross.

As the Chief Investment Officer of The Motley Fool, I work closely with all of our analysts, as well as Motley Fool Co-founders David and Tom Gardner on their flagship Motley Fool Stock Advisor newsletter.

I suspect you're familiar with The Motley Fool. Meaning you're probably aware that it's our passion to help investors like you build lasting wealth -- which is exactly what I believe PriceSmart has the potential to do.

But we both know that it takes more than just one stock to get there. After all, a stock is not a lottery ticket -- it's an ownership stake in a living, breathing business.

Which is why I want to email you a copy of Stocks 2012: The Investor's Guide to the Year Ahead -- the brand-new premium report featuring PriceSmart, along with 11 other timely stock recommendations -- completely FREE.

Your shot at lucrative profits in 2012 awaits... Stocks 2012: The Investor's Guide to the Year Ahead (a $99 value -- YOURS FREE!)

Motley Fool Co-founders David and Tom Gardner recently rounded up a team of our top equity analysts to identify those stocks that stand to profit most in the coming year...

After exhaustive research and number-crunching, they emerged with 11 companies in addition to PriceSmart that will position you for profits in 2012, including...

  • A popular restaurant concept where insiders have been lining their own pockets for years. But there's a new sheriff in town seeking change. It's an activist investor famous for digging up hidden value from tired business concepts -- and making shareholders a lot of money in the process.

  • One of the world's leading phosphate producers. Sounds boring, but this company has already made early shareholders a lot of money -- its stock is up over 300% since its 2006 IPO. Add in booming international sales and a respectable dividend, and you've got a company you can't afford to miss out on.

  • A cutting-edge biotech company churning out barrels of oil from algae. Might seem speculative, but this business is already proving itself -- boasting clients like the U.S. Navy, Dow Chemical, and even oil giant Chevron. Analysts predict business will grow by nearly five times by 2015, indicating this could be a solid buy for your portfolio now.

You'll discover these three top picks, plus eight more powerful profit opportunities, the instant you download your FREE copy of Stocks 2012: The Investor's Guide to the Year Ahead.

Don't forget -- this is the highly sought-after report that, year after year, has handed investors market-beating returns. Our top pick from last year has already shot up 36%, while the market rose just 4.6%.

And I'm confident several companies featured in this year's report could do the same -- or better.

Now obviously, the high-quality nature of this research and stock advice isn't something I'd hand to just anyone.

But by reading this report, you've proven you're a dedicated long-term investor. So in return for me sharing this brand-new report with you, I'd like to invite you to join me alongside Motley Fool Co-founders David and Tom Gardner at Motley Fool Stock Advisor.

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Every month, you'll receive the Motley Fool Stock Advisor newsletter in the mail. You'll even be alerted by email the moment it's available online, so you can access it instantly.

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Plus, when you accept this invitation for first-time subscribers today, you'll also receive these features, benefits, and bonuses:

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I've been told by some members that Motley Fool Stock Advisor is like an investment university. It's certainly an active community of smart investors. You can join David and Tom Gardner -- along with me and your fellow members -- online in spirited discussions. Or you can sit back and simply follow the wealth-building recommendations...

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