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3 American Companies Set to Dominate the World

By: Jim Royal

You're about to hear the greatest ways to profit from the trillions in wealth being created by the exploding middle class around the world. And what's more, other investors aren't aware of this massive opportunity.

It doesn't involve putting your hard-earned money on risky Chinese stocks or buying into some unproven technology. In fact, the three companies I'm about to highlight are based in the United States and have some of the most recognizable brands around. And for you dividend hounds, they pay rapidly escalating yields, too.

Invest in companies you know...

You know these companies and see their ads or use their products every day. But many investors are overlooking one thing that is turning these blue-chip companies into growth machines again.

That catalyst for growth: spending overseas.

Fortunately, the oversight by other investors allows you the opportunity to ride the economic growth that's sweeping through emerging markets -- but with the safety of an established and well-run American company.

The opportunity here is absolutely immense. We're talking about trillions of dollars in wealth being created by the world's fastest-growing economies. To give you some idea, though, let's run through the background.

...that are investing abroad

Globalization has been a huge investing buzzword over the last 20 years. Countries such as Brazil, Russia, India, and China -- the so-called BRIC nations -- have been rapidly industrializing, growing incomes at levels that can only be dreamed about by developed economies like the U.S. That's creating trillions in new global wealth.

But that doesn't mean that American investors can't grab a piece of the action.

Take a look at the growth in gross domestic product (or GDP) of the two largest nations (by population) to get a sense of the rapid development that's ongoing. You're already familiar with the largest, China, at 1.3 billion citizens, which has become the "workshop to the world."

Stocks 2012

From 2001 to 2009, China's GDP soared at an average rate of 14.9% annually (as measured in its own currency). That's stunning growth any way you slice it. And it compares more favorably against America's anemic 4% growth over the same period. From 1970 through 2009, China's economy grew 146 times larger, while the U.S. grew just 13.5 times larger.

But you might be less familiar with the prospects for India, which is not far behind with 1.2 billion citizens, but is much less developed. The growth curve looks just as attractive, though:

Stocks 2012

From 2001 to 2008, India put up an astounding 13.5% growth rate (in its own currency). Since 1970, India's economy has grown nearly 140 times its original size, compared to just 13.5 times for the U.S.

Consider this for just a minute: 2.5 billion consumers -- eight times as many as the U.S. -- are only just recently getting access to the Western-style products that dominate American and European markets.

And then there's also further opportunit