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Stock #2: A Value Stock That Even An Oracle Would Buy

Warren Buffett needs no introduction. His company draws tens of thousands of followers every year to Omaha for its annual shareholder meeting. Investors scrutinize his every word. Companies like Goldman Sachs, General Electric, and Bank of America have given him amazing investment opportunities merely for the status of being worthy of his notice.

Every quarter, investors pore over Buffett's latest disclosures, trying to discover what stocks he thinks are poised to perform the best. Whether it's his long-ago acquisition of shares of Coca-Cola or the more recent landmark purchase of Burlington Northern Santa Fe, people are always looking for hints about where the Oracle of Omaha wants to put his money next.

Interestingly enough, though, most people overlook one stock that Buffett owns. It's unquestionably made him more money than any other pick he ever made. It's a stock that many lucky investors have ridden for decades to truly amazing returns. And although for much of its history, naysayers criticized the stock for never paying a dividend and carrying too high a price tag, that hasn't led this company to change a single thing about how it does business -- and for most of its shareholders, that's exactly how they'd like things to go well into the future.

Much of the time, even Buffett has rejected buying this stock. But in the third quarter of 2011, he changed his tune, saying that the time looked ripe to make an exception to that long-held rule and open up his wallet to pick