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Get 12 More Top Stock Picks -- FREE

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Your shot at lucrative profits in 2013 awaits... Stocks 2013: The Investor's Guide to the Year Ahead (a $99 value -- YOURS FREE!)

Motley Fool Co-founders David and Tom Gardner recently rounded up a team of our top equity analysts to identify those stocks that stand to profit most in the coming year...

Stocks 2013

After exhaustive research and number-crunching, they emerged with 12 companies that will position you for profits in 2013, including...

  • An insanely cheap Chinese housing developer. Its P/E ratio sits just above 1 and the cash on its balance sheet equals twice its market cap. Not to mention, it comes with a dividend yield just shy of 5%. When you look at just how massive a trend urban migration is in China, this investment looks like a no-brainer.
  • The number 2 supplier of sand in the United States. That's right -- sand. Yet as boring as this investment may seem, sand is an essential component for fracking (a technique for extracting oil that's becoming increasingly more necessary). Which is why demand has grown 28% annually since 2004. Thanks to its geographic and freight advantages, this company is perfectly positioned to quietly cash in on this growth.
  • The company that figured out two ways to cash in on virtually every grocery store, pharmacy, and gas station in the country... and how combining these together created an unstoppable profit-making machine. Wall Street hasn't wised up to this growth story yet, but we see an easy long-term winner.

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