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Beginning Monday April 16, we will shift to a new schedule for our Rule Breaker, Rule Maker, Drip Portfolio, and Foolish 8 articles. The revised schedule will include fewer total articles so as not to bombard you with more content than any one human could possibly keep up with.

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By Matt Richey (TMF Verve)
April 11, 2001

A while back, several Fool writers were lamenting the fact that we were all having trouble keeping up with the fire-hose quantity of Fool content being produced on our website each day. It didn't used to be this way. A few years ago, back when we produced only four or five articles per day, all of us read practically every article on Fool.com. Now, with the much-increased volume of features per day, most of us can't keep up with even half of it!

We figured that if we, the Fool writers, can't even read all our content, then the problem is likely worse for you, our customer. Time is stretched these days, and we believe that less (and, hopefully, better) Fool content will provide you with a more valuable service.

As a result, we're making some changes in our daily line-up. Beginning this coming Monday (April 16), we'll be cutting back on some of our Investing Strategies columns and spacing them more evenly throughout the week. Here's how the new schedule will look:

Monday: Rule Breaker
Tuesday: Foolish 8, Rule Maker
Wednesday: Rule Breaker, Rule Maker
Thursday: Drip Port, Rule Maker
Friday: Rule Breaker

Hopefully, this arrangement will allow you to enjoy more of the breadth of our daily content. For example, Rule Breaker readers will likely be interested the Foolish 8 report, with its discussion of emerging growth companies, and Rule Maker readers might appreciate the Drip Portfolio's coverage of strong, stable, large-cap growth companies. Or you might just want to spend more time with your kids!

And, of course, in addition to the above schedule, we will continue to offer our full assortment of Fool News, Specials, Dueling Fools, and Fool on the Hill investing commentary.

All in all, we hope the new content schedule will result in a more digestible amount of daily Foolishness. If you would like to discuss these changes, or have questions, visit us on the Improve the Fool discussion board.

Fool on! Matt Richey