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"You own them. But do you understand them?"

You may own Wal-Mart, Cisco Systems, Dell Computer or Oracle; or you may own America Online, Amazon, eBay, or any of the other companies being covered by Fool Research. But do you really understand them as well as you should? You may have more money invested in some of these companies than you have invested in your home, your car, or your education. Do you feel that you know these companies as well as you should? Are you keeping current on them?

It isn't always easy to keep up to date or to understand a company well.

First, most company research is created by Wall Street firms that write for institutional clients, not individual investors like you and me. Much of their research is short-term in nature and is prone to changing its mind from one month to the next -- of course, this doesn't serve you. This doesn't serve long-term investors who want to learn about a company, about its competitors, and about its long-term potential.

Motley Fool Research analyzes a company's investment potential with individual investors in mind -- investors who want to create long-term wealth and preserve current wealth. Doing so, we believe that we can provide you the best investment research in the world (if you disagree, we have a 100% money-back promise). In all of our Fool Research reports, we present facts clearly and we analyze facts Foolishly -- making them understandable -- so that you can more easily, smartly (Foolishly!), and confidently make your investment decisions.

You own leading companies. You may even have your future tied up in them, or are hoping to reach that point. Of course, you want to understand what you own as well as possible. Now, with Motley Fool Research, it won't take you a lot of time or money to understand your investments as well as you should. Motley Fool Research stands for superb in-depth analysis written in plain English. Fool Research is investors writing for investors, asking the critical long-term questions unique to each company, and answering those questions so that you can invest, or stay invested, with confidence. ("Will AOL Time Warner reward shareholders substantially?" "Has Wal-Mart only just begun?" "As Starbucks expands from 2,000 stores to 20,000 the next ten years, how much shareholder value may be created?")

So come on in and poke around! Let us know what improvements we can make, other stocks that you'd like us to cover in Fool Research, and ask any questions that we may help you with. Fool Research is YOUR service. Fool on!

(Finally, for research reports that primarily provide you with promising new investment ideas, consider the Fool's Internet Report and Industry Focus reports, too.)

Motley Fool Research reports are not complete analyses of every material fact regarding any company, industry, or investment and they're not "buy" or "sell" recommendations. As in life, the opinions expressed here are subject to change without notice, and the writers and The Motley Fool make no warranty or representations as to their accuracy, usefulness, or entertainment value. Data and statements of facts were obtained from or based upon publicly available sources that we believe are reliable, but the individual writers and The Motley Fool reserve the right to be wrong, stupid, or even foolish (with a small "f"). Remember, past results are not necessarily an indication of future performance. You should not trade in a stock just because of what you read here; take this report as a starting point for your own research, do your own homework, and then determine whether this, or any stock, are good investments for you. The Motley Fool and the writers will not be liable for any loss that you sustain if you rely upon the material you read here. The Fools associated with this report may own shares in the companies they write about.

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