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Apple Computer, Inc. (AAPL)
By John Del Vecchio (TMF Fuz)
First-Quarter Update Released: 1/30

Date Summary
01/30/01 Apple's First-Quarter Earnings Can't Get Much Worse
10/27/00 Apple's Fourth Quarter Results Fall Short
08/02/00 Apple's Near-Term Future Looks Rosy
05/01/00 Who Says You Need Intel Inside?
02/22/00 Beyond the Box

Cupertino, California-based Apple Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) is a leading manufacturer of personal computers and related software products. Apple pioneered the introduction of computers in the consumer market in 1976, and the Apple Macintosh, first released in 1984, remains the company's core product. Apple's four major product lines are the iMac, PowerMac, PowerBook, and the iBook. In 1997, co-founder Steve Jobs returned to Apple and has orchestrated a tremendous revival for the company. Apple's new Internet strategy and operability of Mac OSX should provide additional growth opportunities for the company. As the computer market matures, companies that can reinvent themselves will stay at the head of the pack, and Apple is making strides to secure its future. Watch out for some Foolish perspective on Apple Computer coming to you each quarter from Fool analyst John Del Vecchio.

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