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Cisco Systems (CSCO)
By Phil Weiss (TMF Grape)
Second-Quarter Update Released: 3/16

Date Summary
03/16/01 Cisco's Growth Engine Loses Steam
12/07/00 Cisco Shines in First Quarter
08/25/00 Cisco's Growth Continues to Accelerate
05/25/00 Cisco's Third Quarter May Be Its Best Ever
03/06/00 What Keeps This Networking Giant on Top?

Cisco Systems (Nasdaq: CSCO) is the leading supplier of high-performance internetworking products for linking local- and wide-area networks and computing systems. It creates hardware and software solutions that link computer networks, enabling people to have easy access to information without regard to differences in time, place, or type of computer system. Cisco's strategy is to provide end-to-end networking solutions to help its customers improve productivity and gain a competitive advantage in today's global economy. Cisco's diversified line of networking products and applications are sold to three primary market segments: large enterprises, service providers, and small and medium-size businesses. Cisco is just starting to market products directly to consumers. The hardest questions that Cisco investors face include: Exactly what is it that Cisco sells? Is it possible for it to continue growing at the rapid pace that it has grown ever since it came public in 1990? These are issues that will constantly be addressed in analyst Phil Weiss's regularly updated reports on this dynamic company.

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