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Dell Computer (DELL)
By Zeke Ashton (TMF Centaur)
Fourth-Quarter Update Released: 2/27

Date Summary
02/27/01 Dell Looking to Take Share in Industry Downturn
12/06/00 Does Dell's Trouble Mean Opportunity for Investors
08/29/00 Can Dell Re-ignite Its Slowing Growth?
05/17/00 Dell's First Quarter Not as Good as it Looked
03/13/00 Can Dell Stay on Top?

Dell Computer (Nasdaq: DELL) has been one of the best investments of all time. Indeed, investors who bought Dell just five years ago have been rewarded with a total return of 5492% in that span. Dell revolutionized the personal computer business with an aggressive direct purchase business model and early adoption of the Internet. As the market for personal computers matures and becomes more of a commodity business, Dell will find it a tough prospect to continue to grow shareholder value. Are the company's slowing growth rate and recent earnings shortfall an indication of impending trouble, or can Dell resume its legendary growth and continue to build shareholder wealth as it has in the past? This report digs into Dell's recent performance and changes in the PC industry in the search for answers. Of course, Foolish analyst Zeke Ashton will continue to update you on a regular basis to bring you insights into this dynamic company.

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