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By John Del Vecchio (TMF Fuz)
Fourth Quarter Update Released 2/2

Date Summary
02/02/01 Solid Earnings Growth in EMC's Fourth Quarter
10/26/00 Third Quarter Growth Remains Strong
08/03/00 Smooth Sailing Ahead for the Storage Experts
05/03/00 Demand Remains Strong in EMC's First Quarter
02/14/00 Is EMC the Microsoft of Storage?

Founded in 1979 as a supplier of add-on memory boards, EMC (NYSE: EMC) has evolved into the world's largest supplier of enterprise storage systems. The company designs and manufactures a variety of hardware, software, and service products for the enterprise storage market. EMC's storage systems retrieve, protect, and store large amounts of data from all major computing platforms. EMC's RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) technology is considered the standard in the storage system industry. In addition to storage systems, EMC is the one of the world's fastest-growing software companies. As the Internet grows, and demand for storage strengthens, EMC will continue to be a leader in meeting the demands of businesses operating in the Net economy. In four quarterly reports each year, John Del Vecchio will be covering this exciting technology company that will lead the way in the new millennium.

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