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Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)
By John Del Vecchio (TMF Fuz)
Second-Quarter Update Released 1/31

Date Summary
01/31/01 Revenues Up in Second Quarter
11/01/00 Is Microsoft Finally Turning the Corner?
09/28/00 Software Giant Faces Rough Waters

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Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) has long been the ultimate Rule Maker of the software industry, but the Redmond giant is at a crossroads. The company's stock price has taken a beating due to antitrust concerns and questions about its financial performance. Add in fierce competition and an industry shift toward the Internet and away from Microsoft's desktop stranglehold, and the company is looking vulnerable. However, it's never paid to bet against Microsoft, and the company's new Internet strategy may spell trouble for competitors. In this Motley Fool Research coverage, analyst John Del Vecchio assesses the software giant's financials, evaluates its transformation from a PC software company to an Internet business, and helps you decide whether Microsoft's best days are still ahead.

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