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Nike (NKE)
By Rick Aristotle Munarriz (TMF Edible) (TMF Edible)
Third-Quarter Update Released: 4/3

Date Summary
04/3/01 Just Blew It
01/5/01 Time to Just Do It
10/03/00 Footwear Major Leaguer Ready for Strong Season in the U.S.
07/18/00 The Market Leader Steps Up the Pace
04/03/00 The Shoe Giant Struggles to Regain Its Footing

Far and away the largest athletic footwear and apparel company in the word, Nike (NYSE: NKE) is also one of the best known brands on earth. Nike shot to dominance through its innovative marketing campaigns, its focus on athletics, and its association with the legendary Michael Jordan. Since 1997, the industry has suffered through a down turn that has caused many problems for companies throughout the industry. Nike, due to its brand strength and willingness to move inventory started to recover in late 1999. If the upswing continues and the industry turns around, Nike is well positioned to solidify its dominance. Analyst Bob Fredeen will follow the company's progress with at least four reports a year.

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