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January 13, 2015

The Time Bomb Lurking in Your Social Security

The Social Security Disability Trust Fund is expected to empty next year. That will trigger a cut in benefits or other changes to the program.

January 13, 2015

4 Tips for Retirement Distributions

If you want your money to last as long as you do, you have to plan for the different stages of retirement.

January 12, 2015

How to Get Your Retirement Money Early

Key ways to avoid the 10% penalty on withdrawing your money from your retirement plan early.

January 12, 2015

Your Social Security Questions -- and Some Surprising Answers

These answers to Social Security questions tell you how to increase your benefits, among other things.

January 11, 2015

This Move By Lawmakers Could Reduce Select Social Security Benefits By 19%

After less than one week in session one branch of Congress approves a landmark rule which could put a select group of Social Security beneficiaries on a collision course with a 19% cut in their benefits.

January 11, 2015

What Will You Get From Social Security?

Not even Social Security knows for sure until you apply, but they have great estimators that can help you get close.

January 10, 2015

Social Security Benefits: What Claiming Early While You're Working Really Does

Many people don't understand the impact of taking Social Security while you're still working. Get the facts here.

January 10, 2015

The Typical American Has This Much in Retirement Savings. How Do You Compare?

Americans who save have median retirement savings of less than $60,000. That's bad news.

January 09, 2015

How You Can Retire on Less

Balance the key factors of money coming in, money going out, and your time left on Earth to find the solution that works best for you.

January 05, 2015

Retiring in 2015? 4 Things You Should Know

Make sure you've taken care of these must-do financial tasks before you retire.

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