Managing Your Retirement

Managing Your Retirement: How To Stay Retired

Managing Your Retirement

For years, The Motley Fool has been telling its readers that if they were young and had a lifetime of investing ahead of them to go ahead and put retirement savings into the stock market.

But, hey, wait a second -- not everybody tuning in to the Fool comes from a generation that ranks sky-surfing ahead of grandchildren-spoiling as a favorite pastime. What about all the other Fools out there who have to actually live off of their savings and investments? Should they just be tossing every dollar into the market? Is the long-term upward direction of the stock market reason enough to never invest in bonds? Never keep any money in a money market fund? Are annuities really always bad?

We've heard our more mature Fools asking these questions for a while now, so we've sicked retirement specialist David Braze (TMF Pixy) on the problem -- and he's come up with the Foolish answers as to how you may want to start, maintain, and live off a Foolish retirement portfolio. Like most areas of personal finance, the waters have long been muddied by Wise proclamations about asset allocation and risk exposure -- so we think you'll find some surprises as we finally address....How to Foolishly Stay Retired.

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