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Fool Poll: Best Smartphone Investment

Eric Bleeker
June 30, 2009

If you haven't checked into the world of cellular gadgets since buying that Motorola (NYSE: MOT  ) RAZR, you've fallen a bit behind.

Good old-fashioned cell phones are officially passe; long live smartphones, the new kings of the mobile device world! According to research firm Gartner, mobile devices as a whole saw a 8.6% decline year over year, but smartphone sales actually saw a 12.7% increase over the same period.

So while other electronics companies face pressure from consumers tightening their belts and going for more affordable options (e.g., Dell (Nasdaq: DELL  ) and other computer builders seeing buyers opt for more affordable netbooks), smartphones are actually accelerating in sales versus their feature-light counterparts.

Before you vote on which company gives the best bang for your buck in the smartphone arms race, let's take a brief look at where the industry stands:

Nokia (NYSE: NOK  ) -- The current market leader with an estimated 41% world market share. Nokia's not priced as aggressively as its competitors, trading at only 14 times trailing earnings, but it has struggled to maintain its dominant position against upstart competitors.

Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL