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Hear Oshkosh Roar!

Rich Smith (TMF Ditty)
August 28, 2009

For shareholders in military trucker Oshkosh (NYSE: OSK  ) , it's shaping up to be a fine summer indeed. Fresh from its victory over Force Protction (Nasdaq: FRPT  ) and General Dynamics (NYSE: GD  ) , Navistar (NYSE: NAV  ) and BAE in the competition to build an "MRAP-Lite" for the Afghan theater, Oshkosh notched its second victory in as many months yesterday.

It's a smaller victory this time. Still, investors gave Oshkosh a "standing O" on the news that it will build the Army's new Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV). And yet, on the face of it, the news doesn't seem all that grand. At just $281 million, it's certainly not as large as the multibillion-dollar M-ATV contract that Oshkosh won last month, or the also-multibillion-dollar JLTV contract that Oshkosh lost last year ...

... at least, not until you notice that yesterday's award concerned only Oshkosh's first installment under the new contract. And that the