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Enlist Your Gal Pals to Get Stuff Done

Dayana Yochim
September 21, 2010

Some money worries are like low-grade fevers -- easy to ignore because you can have them and still do the laundry, build that PowerPoint presentation, be on call for homework assistance and stuff envelopes for your best friend's fundraiser.

Who has time to put your needs first when the minor discomfort (that pile of papers to file, that nagging feeling you're paying too much for car insurance or getting too little interest on your savings) isn't that urgent?

We tell ourselves that if those smoldering personal items we put on the back burner don't fizzle away on their own we'll deal with the fallout if (or, more likely, when) they turn into four-alarm fires. For the time being, however, it's OK to blow them off because there are a few dozen other demands for our attention.

Friends don't let friends blow off their finances
When a friend or loved one tells us they feel under the weather (health- or wealth-wise), we have no problem urging them to take "me" time to take care of personal business.

Well, ladies, it's time to take your own advice.

It's time to put your personal well-being and peace-of-mind on top of your "to do" list -- to take care of those bills, budgets, and other "minor" details of sprucing up your finances that you've put off for so long.

And if you can't give yourself permission to take time out for financial self-care, then there's only one solution: Girl's night in!

Use Girl Power to get stuff done
Our closest girlfriends listen with empathy. We nod and ply one another with tissues over tea. We admit to each other what we really spend on hair products and how our honey's spending is stressing our relationship. We talk back and forth and come to a consensus. We keep each other from buying unflattering jeans.

In short, we relate -- through bonds of friendship, common experience, and selfless acts of sisterhood (like letting your pal hav