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Will This Filibuster Ever End?

Anders Bylund
October 5, 2010

A net neutrality bill in Congress has been delayed again, throwing the neutrality debate back into neutral at least until the 2010 elections are settled.

Democrat Congressman Henry Waxman, who introduced this bill and has been pushing for consumer-friendly regulation in this area for several years, now calls on the FCC to step up to the plate: "If Congress can't act, the FCC must."

In the red corner, there was much rejoicing: "Speaker Pelosi and President Obama have taken measures to control the health-care industry, the auto industry, the banking industry and the insurance industry," said Republican Rep. John Culberson. "It comes as no surprise that they attempt to control commercial activity over the Internet before they lose control of Congress."

Net neutrality really should be a battle between freedom-loving consumers and business-minded service providers. Content producers and information distributors from (Nasdaq: AMZN  ) to Google (Nasdaq: GOOG