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Cheap Stocks That Could Beat an Economic Slowdown

Katie Spence
June 29, 2011

With the high market volatility of the past few years and the recent reports of a slowdown in the economic recovery, many investors might be starting to feel the "sell" panic. You know the feeling: The market looks bleak, prices seem to continue dropping, and you're starting to consider the value of hiding your money under your mattress. The duck-and-cover route may feel like the best solution given the circumstances, but let me tell you why now is the time to buy, rather than sell, the following companies.

Joy to the G
Joy Global
(Nasdaq: JOYG  ) has been manufacturing and servicing mining equipment for the extraction of coal, copper, iron ore, oil sands, and other minerals since 1884. Since March 2009, Joy Global's stock has gone from $20 to $103 per share. However, with concerns of a global slowdown affecting cyclical companies like Joy Global, shares have taken a beating and currently hover around $90.

This is great news for investors loo