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5 Life Sciences Stocks Insiders Are Buying

Cindy Johnson
August 23, 2011

When insiders buy shares on the open market, their companies could enjoy bullish times ahead. Corporate insiders often have the inside track on their companies' prospects, and many of them get paid largely in stock options or restricted shares. Besides, insiders probably wouldn't risk plowing too much of their own money into their own company's stock -- reducing their portfolio's diversity, and increasing its risk -- unless they thought the stock might rise.

With that in mind, I screened for companies where at least one insider made an open-market buy in the last 30 days. These five life sciences stocks made the list:


Net No. of Buys

No. of Shares Bought

Total Value

Market Cap (in millions)

Life Technologies (Nasdaq: LIFE  ) 3 20,600 $857,000 $7,038
Pacific Biosciences of California (Nasdaq: PACB  ) 2 165,000 $577,000 $320
Mettler-Toledo International (NYSE: MTD  ) 3 2,000 $283,000 $4,794
Affymetrix (Nasdaq: AFFX  )