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You Can't Fight Fire With Apples

Tamara Rutter
October 6, 2011

So (Nasdaq: AMZN  ) has raised the curtain on the latest "iPad killer," its new Kindle Fire tablet. With inferior processing abilities and technical shortcomings, the Kindle Fire simply doesn't bring the heat, and the two devices will never be equal rivals. But then again, Amazon never intended them to be. 

Comparing Apples to Fire
The Kindle Fire's $199 price tag is far less than the cheapest iPad. But the truth is, you get a lot more for your money with Apple's (Nasdaq: AAPL  ) device. Even though it costs more than twice as much as the Kindle Fire, the iPad is also twice the machine.

For starters, Amazon's tablet lacks the iPad's A5 processor, its two video-enabled cameras, and its 64GB internal storage capacity. The Kindle's smaller display and lack of a microphone make the device far less user-friendly.

Beyond this, Apple uses the latest screen technology in the iPad and lets users connect by 3G networks. By contrast, the Kindle Fire has your run-of-the-mill backlit LCD screen and provides no 3G access, thereby shackling its users to Wi-Fi hotspots. How 20