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Regional Bank Earnings Roundup

Robert Eberhard
January 27, 2012

For those investors who follow the financial sector, this week provides a smorgasbord of information. JPMorgan Chase kicked things off two weeks ago, with megabanks Citigroup, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America reporting last week.

Not to be forgotten, some smaller regional banks also reported their quarterly results this week. As the name suggests, regional banks tend to limit operations to smaller regions of the country, and thus are not as exposed as some of their larger cousins to the troubles in Europe or in investment banking.


Average Estimated EPS

Actual EPS


Boston Private Financial Holdings (Nasdaq: BPFH  ) $0.13 $0.15 15.4%
Citizens Republic Bancorp (Nasdaq: CRBC  ) $0.31 $0.31 0%
Glacier Bancorp (Nasdaq: GBCI  ) $0.18 $0.20 11.1%
Hancock Holding (Nasdaq: HBHC  ) $0.55 $0.53 (3.6%)
United Bankshares (Nasdaq: UBSI