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Watch Out, Android and iOS: Another Mobile OS Is Coming

Dan Radovsky
July 4, 2012

Hey, gecko, move over for another lizard. However, you won't have to worry about having one steal your insurance-company gig. This high-tech reptile only has eyes on the likes of Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL  ) , Google, and Microsoft. iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, don't look now, but there's another OS getting ready to enter the mobile operating system arena.

Mozilla, the parent organization of the Firefox browser, plans to launch its mobile operating system, formerly known as Boot2Gecko, or B2G, in early 2013. B2G is open source, license-free, and built on HTML5, the latest Web standard. Because it is based on Web technology, it should allow for cheaper handsets because of lower hardware and RAM requirements than needed by devices built around proprietary software.

Another mobile OS ecosystem -- a competitive one, certainly -- would be a welcome addition for mobile c