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Getting Seconds of Starbucks

Alyce Lomax
August 16, 2012

This article is part of our Real-Money Stock Picks series.

It's been nearly a year since I bought shares of Starbucks (Nasdaq: SBUX  ) for the real-money portfolio I'm managing for What a year it has been. At one point, Starbucks shares jetted to about $62. Since then, it has receded closer to the price of my original purchase.

Granted, the investment's 20% return as of this writing is nothing to sneeze at. However, as long as Starbucks' shares have cooled from earlier highs, I'm going to add a bit more Starbucks to my prosocial portfolio. After all, Starbucks is one of my favorite picks given its many positive attributes, so I'd like to give it a little bit more weight in my portfolio right now.

In the last year, Starbucks has made many interesting and differentiating strategic moves that convince me there are plenty of growth opportunities left ahead. Although its arrangement to provide K-Cups through rival and partner Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (Nasdaq: GMCR  ) was a smooth move to woo Keurig users, Starbucks will launch its own at-home espresso machine this fall.

Buying the Evolution Fresh brand and opening its first juice bar is one of the ways Starbucks may squeeze out a smooth blend of opportunities, not least of which is challenging Jamba Juice (Nasdaq: JMBA