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Can Cisco Afford to Lose This Top Talent?

Anders Bylund
October 23, 2012

Software-defined networking, or SDN, may sound like an egghead niche, relevant only to the biggest geek on the block. It's certainly not investable information, right? I mean, there's no reason why market watchers would care how data packets are routed through high-speed networks.

But then you'd be very wrong.

As it turns out, proper SDN routing is becoming a must for modern data centers. More specifically, the practice makes existing networks far more efficient and caters to the needs of virtual machines and cloud computing clusters like no pure hardware solution ever could. SDN platforms move much of the decision making involved in network management off of single-purpose routers and onto more flexible and intelligent server systems.

Moreover, this is actually very hard to do. Online giant Google (Nasdaq: