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5 Reasons to Worry About Next Week

Rick Aristotle Munarriz
November 2, 2012

The economy is showing signs of fumbling the recovery.

It's not just about the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the early estimates of as much as $50 billionworth of damages it caused.

There are more than a few companies that aren't pulling their own weight in this supposed economic recovery.

There are still plenty of names posting lower earnings than they did a year ago. Let's go over a few of the companies that are expected to go the wrong way on the bottom line next week.


Latest-Quarter EPS (Estimated)

Year-Ago Quarter EPS

My Watchlist

Tesla Motors (Nasdaq: TSLA  )




SandRidge Energy (NYSE: SD  )




Sequenom (Nasdaq: SQNM  )




Windstream (Nasdaq: WIN  )




Zipcar (Nasdaq: ZIP  )




Source: Thomson Reuters.

Clearing the table
Let's start at the top with Tesla Motors.

After the market was treated to healthy reports out of the country's leading auto manufacturers, we turn our attention to the edgy maker of all-electric cars. Tesla's Model S began rolling out to early buyers this summer, and Wall Street sees Tesla's revenue doubling for all of 2012 on the strength of the sedan's popularity.

However, this quarter itself will be problematic. Analysts se