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A Look at the Leadership of MGM Resorts

Travis Hoium
December 31, 2012

Leadership is important in any business but the gaming industry has been dominated by visionary leaders that come to dominate the industry. From the time of Howard Hughes to the rise of Steve Wynn and more recently Sheldon Adelson, these larger than life figures build monuments that become the face of their empires.

But MGM Resorts (NYSE: MGM  ) has become a very different company in recent years, becoming a more corporate company with major shareholders not taking on the role of CEO. So, is that an advantage for MGM, and is the current leadership up to the task? I take a look at this along with MGM's opportunity and risks in our new premium report on the stock. Read an excerpt of this report below and find out more about this report by clicking here

James Murren, a 14-year veteran of the company, leads MGM. Murren played a role in MGM's expansion as CFO from 1998 to 2008, bu