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Confirmed: Big Banks Are "Too Big to Jail"

Alex Dumortier, CFA
March 7, 2013

On the back of another Dow (INDEX: ^DJI) record yesterday, stocks opened slightly higher this morning, with the S&P 500 (INDEX: ^GSPC) and the narrower, price-weighted Dow Jones Industrial Average up 0.11% and 0.32%, respectively, as of 10:10 a.m. EST.

You can't touch this
In an astonishing admission, the nation's top law-enforcement officer, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder told members of Congress that size has a dissuasive effect when it comes to prosecuting large financial institutions due to concerns about the potential ripple effect on the economy, stating: "That is a function of the fact that some of these institutions have become too large. ... [The size of large banks] has an in