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3 Things to Love About BHP Billiton

G. A. Chester
March 19, 2013

LONDON -- There are things to love and loathe about most companies. Today, I'll tell you three things to love about the world's biggest miner, BHP Billiton (LSE: BLT) (NYSE: BBL). I'll also be asking whether these positive factors make BHP Billiton a good investment today.

Size and spread
BHP Billiton is not only the world's biggest mining company, but it's also the most diversified. Over the past three years, in broad terms, group revenue breaks down more or less equally three ways: iron ore, other metals, and petroleum and coal. Geographically, China is the largest market, supplying close to 30% of group revenue, but the remaining 70% comes from far and wide.

No miner can insulate itself from commodity prices, and BHP is no exception. However, with its early , mid-, and late-stage cycle metals; its diversification into oil and gas; and its wide geographic markets, the group is more resilient than its peers.

There have been fireworks in the boardrooms of BHP's Footsie rivals of late: Cynthia Carroll, boss of Anglo American, departed under shareholder pressure with no s