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Why Coke's Stock Is Bubbling Higher Today

Brian Stoffel
April 16, 2013

Something that sets us Foolish investors apart from others is that we like to be in control of our own finances. There's nothing wrong with investing in an index fund, but we like to decide which companies will guide us to a financially healthy retirement.

One very popular stock for many a retirement portfolio -- including "The World's Greatest" -- reported this morning, and investors are pleased with what they see. Read below to see why this stock -- Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO) -- is up today, and at the end, I'll offer up access to a special premium report on the company.

Just the numbers



Vs. Expectations

Vs. Q1 2012



Beat by $40M




Beat by $0.01


Source: E*TRADE, SEC filings. Does not include restructuring charges.

Many people know that Coca-Cola's brand is one of the most popular in the world. In an effort to get a better view for how the company is performing globally, its important to break down how each geographic region performed in the first quarter.

Excluding bottling investments, the company has five regions:

  1. North America, which accounts for the lion's share of revenues, at 44%.
  2. Pacific, including China, Japan, South Korea, and Thailand, which accounts for 13% of revenue.
  3. Latin America, led by Mexico and Brazil, which accounts for 11% of revenue.
  4. Europe, which relies heavily on Great Britain and Germany, and accounts for 11% of revenue.
  5. Eurasia, which also includes the Mi