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Facebook Video Ads Are Coming to a Feed Near You

Steve Heller
April 18, 2013

Considering that Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) served over 557 million videos to its U.S. users in February, it's only a matter of time until the social network starts monetizing this untapped revenue stream. According to AdAge, Facebook is currently finalizing video ad formats, and is on track to go live with embedded video advertisements by June or July. Although Facebook has gained the reputation that its advertising platform is "cheap," these video slots are expected to fetch top dollar. Facebook is hoping to bring in close to $1 million for a daily run of a 15-second slot. In other words, Facebook is hoping its massive scale can tap into fat-cat TV advertising budgets.

Outcries to follow
Whenever Facebook makes a sweeping change to the user experience, the company runs the risk of damaging its reputation wit