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Google Fiber Just Sped Up In More Ways Than One

Evan Niu, CFA
April 18, 2013

It hasn't even been two weeks since Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) announced that it was bringing its gigabit Google Fiber service to Austin, and the search giant has now outlined plans to expanding into Provo, Utah.

Big G confirmed the decision on its official blog last night, noting that Provo is home of numerous tech companies and start-ups that could benefit from speedier Internet. There's one notable difference, though, in that the Provo plans haven't been finalized; it goes up for a City Council vote next week. Who doesn't want Google to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to improve connectivity and provide free gigabit service to public institutions in their city? It should be a quick vote.

As part of the arrangement, Google has agreed to acquire iProvo, which is an exi