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3 Stocks That Blew the Market Away

Rick Munarriz
May 27, 2013

Every week, I look at three companies that beat market expectations, since I think that's the biggest factor in a stock's ability to beat the market. Leaving Wall Street's pros stunned usually means the companies have more in the tank than the analysts figured, and capital appreciation typically follows.

Let's look at a few companies that humbled the pros over the past few trading days.

We can start with Tsakos Energy Navigation Limited (NYSE: TNP). Shares of the energy transporter moved 27% higher last week after surprising the market with a quarterly profit. Business isn't great at Tsakos. Revenue dipped slightly during the period, and a profit of $0.02 a share may not turn heads. However, analysts were bracing for a loss of $0.08 a share on a sharper decline in revenue.

Marvell Technology (NASDAQ: MRVL) also landed on top. Analysts weren't holding out for much here, either. They saw revenue and earnings per s