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Dow Sheds 114 Points, Home Depot Stock Ends Higher

John Divine
June 28, 2013

As stocks fizzled Friday, June ended as the only month this year -- and the first month since last October -- to see the market fall. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (INDEX: ^DJI), which shed 114 points, or 0.8%, today, still posted its best first half to the year since 1999. Home Depot's (NYSE: HD) stock was the top performer today, as the blue chip index closed at 14,909. Depressed business activity and consumer sentiment numbers released today were partially responsible for Friday's fall.

Home Depot stock ended the day as the Dow's top performer, adding 1.6%. The home improvement supplies store has seen its stock rise for four consecutive days this week, as interest rates come back down after a brief, rapid spike that was sparked by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke's comments last week. Higher interest rates discourage potential homebuyers from taking out mortgages, which wouldn't be good for Home Depot's business.