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1 Sign Duke Energy Stock Is Headed Higher

Justin Loiseau
June 29, 2013

Duke Energy (NYSE: DUK) is in the midst of major leadership changes. With a new CEO announced last week and a new chair elected this week, there's one underlying signal that management moves will push Duke Energy stock even higher in the coming years. Here's why.

Good for the goose
It's no news by now that Duke Energy stock is in new hands. The utility's announcement last week put a face to Duke's new leadership as Chairman and CEO Jim Rogers transitions out of his current positions. Ideally, Rogers' exit will put an end to bad blood between regulators and utility. Sour relationships went bitterly bad when, during a massive 2012 merger, Rogers ended up continuing to lead Duke after Progress' CEO was poised to take over.

Now, with current CFO Lynn Good behind the corporate steering wheel, shareholders can hope that regulators will play nice on future rate requests, unlike this month's 50% haircut.

The real celebration
Utilities like Duke Energy rely heavily on good relationships with regulators to ensure sustainable profits, and Good's election will hopefully bring in a new era of positivity. But there's a new reason to celebrate Duke Energy's recent leadership transition.

The utility announced this week that it has elected lead director Ann Gray to serve as its new chair when Rogers steps down in Decemb