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For AMC, the Worst Is Coming This Fall

Tim Beyers
July 28, 2013

If history holds, The Walking Dead will once again set record ratings for AMC Networks (NASDAQ: AMCX) when Season 4 makes its debut this October.

How can I be sure? Because, as is his style in the comics, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has a way of making sure the next story is more gruesome, more awful, and more terrifying than the last. Season 4 will be another adrenaline-booster.

"Things are definitely going to be WAY crazier. It's an escalation. I mean, the world is getting worse, the people are getting more ragged, there's more terrible things happening," Kirkman said in a Friday afternoon panel discussion at San Diego Comic-Con. "Things are going to keep progressing, if you can believe that."

Anyone who doesn't take Kirkman at his his word must not watch the show or read the comics that started it all. Still skeptical? Watch the trailer, if you can stomach the sight of zombies and kill shots:

Sources: YouTube, AMC Networks.

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