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Netflix Is Casting a Wide Net at Next Week's Emmy Awards

Anders Bylund
September 16, 2013

Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) just won two Primetime Emmy Awards. Is this a precursor of greater wins to come, or just a meaningless haul of technical awards?

Last weekend's technical Emmys included five nominations for Netflix's House of Cards, and the political drama walked away with two wins. One of these, the award for outstanding casting in a drama series, happens to be a pretty good indication of the far more prestigious Outstanding Drama Series award.

Is House of Cards an ace up Netflix's sleeve? Image source: Netflix, clip art, and some edits.

In two of the past three Emmy shows, the outstanding casting award and the the Outstanding Drama statue ended up on the same producer's fireplace mantel. That includes last year, when CBS (NYSE: CBS) network Showtime took home both awards for its Homeland thriller. Curiously, all five of last year's best casting nominees were tapped again this year -- but newcomer House of Cards stole the statuette from under all of their noses.

Now, the Outstanding Drama prize is a tall order this year. House of Cards goes up against almost all of