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Ford Gives Apple, Inc. a Thumbs-Up

Daniel Sparks
August 2, 2014

When Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) CEO Tim Cook emphasized the importance of the enterprise market in the company's future in its third-quarter earnings call earlier this month, investors listened closely. After all, Apple had just landed a massive deal with IBM, which arguably has more inroads into the world's biggest businesses than any other company. When Ford earlier this week ditched BlackBerry smartphones for the iPhone, it was another stark reminder that Apple is a force to be reckoned with in the enterprise market.

Ford ditches Blackberry, adopts iPhones
You can bet BlackBerry wasn't happy to learn that Ford plans to transition its corporate employees from BlackBerry devices to iPhones. The company's revenue has been in decline for about five straight years, and Apple is largely to blame.

Ford spokeswoman Sara Tatchio said Ford intends to get iPhones for over 9,000 corporate employees in the next two years, Bloomberg reported More than one-third of these workers will get them by the end of 2014.

"We are going to get everyone on iPhones," Tatchio said. "It meets the overall needs of the employees because it is able to serve both our business needs in a secure way and the needs we have in our personal lives with a single device."

BlackBerry spokesman Adam Emery seemed to be venting when he told Bloomberg by email, "Enterprises should think twice about relying on any solution built on the foundation of a consumer technology that lacks the proven security benefits that BlackBerry has always delivered."

Is it possible that Emery didn't read Apple's press release that announced the details of the new Apple-IBM partnership? Security is one of several of the key elements emphasized in the new Apple and IBM partnership. And Ford, of course, is a major IBM client