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The9 Scores a 10

Rick Aristotle Munarriz
August 11, 2006

It's amazing what a single hit game can do. Chinese gaming upstart The9 (Nasdaq: NCTY  ) had another blowout quarter, thanks to the popularity of the licensed version of Blizzard's World of Warcraft, which is taking off nicely in the world's most populous nation.

The game is doubtlessly familiar to many stateside gamers. Vivendi's Blizzard Entertainment has created an epic multiplayer fantasy game, and it seems to be a hit in just about every country where it is introduced.

During the quarter, The9 saw revenues soar 363% higher to $32.2 million. All but $0.2 million of that sum is coming from World of Warcraft. Earnings clocked in at $0.43 a share, well above the $0.33-per-share mark Wall Street was expecting.

Yes, one game can make a huge difference. A little more than a year ago, The9 was mostly a forgo