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Verizon and Apple Don't Get Along

Anders Bylund
October 19, 2009

Verizon (NYSE: VZ  ) is kicking off its Android efforts in big style. The first Verizon phone running the software that Google (Nasdaq: GOOG  ) built will reportedly be a Motorola (NYSE: MOT  ) design that's raising eyebrows around the industry.

The Motorola Droid seems to be set for release at the end of October or early November, and Verizon is spending freely to promote the launch with prime-time ad spots in baseball playoff games. The first ad is nothing less than a direct assault on the Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL  ) iPhone, pointing out the iPhone's perceived and proven shortcomings while illustrating how the Droid can do it better.

Them's fightin' words, but early hands-on reports on the Droid (a.k.a. the Motorola Sholes or Tao) position the new device as a realistic challenger to the iPhone. The Droid seems like it can walk the talk. Motorola, Google, and Verizon reportedly worked hand-in-hand-in-hand to spit-shine this phone, and the product matches th