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A Golden Oldie Fund That's Still Kickin'

Zoe Van Schyndel, CFA
May 12, 2008

One of the oldest existing mutual funds has shown that it's not headed for the grave anytime soon. In fact, with a 38.5% return in 2007, this golden oldie has plenty of spunk left.

The CGM Mutual Fund (FUND: LOMMX  ) was market-tested a few months after its inception by the Crash of 1929. Yet while its performance last year was spectacular, it wasn't a fluke. Investors looking for a balanced fund with a solid long-term record should take a hard look at CGM.

Fund facts:

  • Inception date: Nov. 6, 1929.
  • Expense ratio: 1.05%.
  • Net assets: $598 million.
  • Investment minimum: $2,500

Fund history
Formerly known as the Loomis Sayles Mutual Fund, CGM Mutual normally splits its assets 75%/25% between stocks and bonds. The fund may invest in companies of any size, but primarily invests in companies with market capital