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Amazon's Secret Sale

Alyce Lomax
September 17, 2004 (Nasdaq: AMZN  ) has upped the ante in its bid to make up for lost time against its entrenched search rivals -- and it's using its own strength in e-commerce to do it. They've been keeping it pretty secret though, at least so far -- Motley Fool Stock Advisor pick Amazon is offering an additional, small discount to its already lowered prices to shoppers who click over from its newly launched search engine,

I have to give props to someone over at Search Engine News Journal, as well as to one of the alert members of our own discussion board, who both pointed out the perk, where cleverness abounds, if not deep discounts.

Let's say that like me, you were sad to hear that Johnny Ramone had passed away, leaving only one surviving Ramone. So you did a search on Johnny Ramone, clicked on one of the many books by or about the Ramones, which takes you, of course, to Amazon. Under "Ready to Buy?" you see "A9 Instant Reward Active." Click on that, and you see a description of the 1.57% discount that is applied to any purchases powered by an search. ("Sharing the pi" -- pretty clever.)

There's more than a little Googling (Nasdaq: GOOG