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Intel Pulls Out the Big Guns

Anders Bylund
March 31, 2009

Shanghai has been Shanghaied. There's no rosier way for an Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE: AMD  ) shareholder to look at today's launch of Intel's (Nasdaq: INTC  ) long-awaited Nehalem chips.

Intel calls the new lineup of server and consumer chips the "most revolutionary server processors since targeting the market with the Pentium Pro processor nearly 15 years ago." The Xeon 5500 series, formerly known as Nehalem, obliterates previous-generation Xeon chips in nearly every benchmark you throw at it. It also makes mincemeat out of AMD's finest Shanghai products under most circumstances.

The chip giant proudly presents eye-popping server benchmarks from launch partners like IBM (NYSE: IBM  ) , Cisco Systems (Nasdaq: CSCO