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“Tom and David Gardner are among the most widely followed stock market advisers in the world.”

David Gardner co-founded The Motley Fool, authored numerous bestselling books, and hosted a weekly radio show for NPR. David appears frequently in the media and as a featured speaker nationwide.

You really can make a fortune in this market

...and this is your invitation to
begin right this instant!

As we speak — new industries are being born. Old industries are dying. New millionaires are being made. And someone's fortune is being wiped out as old guard companies fail to innovate...

My name is David Gardner. 15 years ago, when finding good financial information on the Internet was next to impossible, my brother Tom and I pioneered a completely new and different way to look at investing...

The Motley Fool has become the leading Internet community of forward-looking investors. For over a decade now, we've been helping our members beat the pants off Wall Street.

And there's a special group of Fools — called Motley Fool Rule Breakers — who are dedicated to identifying small, sound, well-managed companies with unique products that are poised to dominate a mass market.

Companies like:

  • Robotics leaders — Intuitive Surgical up 655% in 36 months
  • A newly transformed virtual market — NYSE recommended 37 months ago, up 219%
  • Biotech blockbusters-on-the-make — Vertex Pharmaceuticals up 144% in 37 months
  • China's #1 search engine — Baidu recommended 29 months ago, up 240%
  • A dot-com survivor and content delivery heavyweight — Akamai recommended 36 months ago, up 143%
    * All returns calculated as of April 11, 2008

Accepting this invitation and becoming a Rule Breaker is your ticket to investing with more confidence...

To get you started, we'll begin immediately identifying explosive opportunities for you:

  • Companies using or creating a "disruptive" new technology or approach. By "disruptive" I mean a superior solution that undercuts, or just plain bypasses, the way business is done.
  • And a profound suspicion on Wall Street (and especially among financial journalists) that the company's potential is an illusion...

Companies like America Online in 1994. And Iomega, maker of the Zip drive, in 1995. Or Celera Genomics, which decoded human DNA in 1999.

I know these companies pretty well because I recommended each, in the year listed above, right here on Along with our members, I also plunked down my own real money in these stocks... and each went on to rise 10 times or more in value within just a few years!

10 years ago most investors looked at Starbucks and saw overpriced coffee. They looked at Yahoo! and wondered how it would make money.

Years from now will you look back at 2006 and kick yourself for not getting in on the hottest growth stocks of the decade?

Stocks like these...

  • A consumer appliances company with one of the best robotics research labs in the country and category-leading products that will set the standard for years to come!
  • This maker of organic light emitting diodes owns 6,225 patents for things like lightweight, wrist-mounted PDAs... wearable electronic displays... super lightweight television monitors for walls... and smart goggles and helmets for scuba divers and motorcycle riders!
  • As one of China's leading internet and online game providers, this portal analysts call "China’s Yahoo!" is poised to become one of the most popular online destinations in the world!
  • This business has a remarkable streamlined supply chain that gets its products into customers' hands at light speed. It operates in a fast-growing $20 billion industry, which leaves plenty of market share to snap up!
  • This ecommerce juggernaut is the world's leading online seller of diamonds and fine jewelry. Its customers enjoy deep discounts on a massive inventory of diamonds and a convenient shopping oasis away from the sales pitches and stuffy atmosphere of high-priced jewelry stores. It's no wonder this company's diamonds have been a part of over 150,000 wedding proposals.

This daring age will provide an opportunity for investors — like you — to carve out bold fortunes. But only if you have the right resources and the right kind of network.

That's why I spent more than a year assembling a team of top-rated analysts covering biotech... nanotech... and early-adopter consumer and B2B technologies...

But more than anything, it takes courage to seize upon the opportunities of a dazzling new revolution. That's why Rule Breakers is your 100% risk-free source for forward-looking investing ideas.

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